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About us

   Ten Ren Tea Culture Museum is established by Ten Ren Group to help fulfill its social responsibility as the tea navigator in Asian tea market. The main reason behind this cultured establishment is to help bring awareness to Taiwan’s precious tea culture, and its ability to continuously make high quality tea through out the years. Furthermore, Ten Ren hopes the tea museum can give its visitors a deeper understanding of Taiwan.

   Taking up over 6,000 square feet, the tea museum is located at the boundary where the City of XinZhu(Hsinchu?) and MiaoLi County meets. Ten Ren Tea Culture Museum based its central concept on “Discovering Taiwan’s Uniqueness,” and with the creative design and craftsmanship, the visitors can fully experience tea through sight, sound, touch and taste. From this kind of interactive learning experience, Ten Ren hopes to help unmask the mysteries behind tea so everyone can enjoy and cherish tea even more.

   After the grand opening of Ten Ren Tea Museum on June 15, 2006, Ten Ren Tea Garden is now complete with Ten Ren Retail Store, Ten Ren Tea Factory, and cha FOR TEA; making it an all in one destination to visit for business or pleasure. This multi-purpose rest stop is the best place to learn more about tea, and we sincerely welcome you to join us and share this one of a kind cultural experience.